Windows are the bridge between a home and its surroundings. The fabric that covers it controls how the light influence and interact with the room, and in Pepa Pastor, we want to make out of its selection, a unique and personal experience.

Apart from the traditional curtains and its multiple options, we can make decorative blinds with the same fabrics. They are elegant, unobtrusive and easy-to-control systems thought for smaller windows.

Estor Paqueto

It is the traditional thread blind. It stands out for the absence of rods, causing a more organic and natural collection that in folding blinds.

The absence of rods is the responsible of, when collecting the fabric, curves appear between the folds, giving rise to more comfortable rooms.

Estor Vilo

Similar to The Paqueto, The Vilo presents a unique characteristic that make it easy to clean the fabric. Its confection independent of the threads, allow to release easily the fabric from its support using a Velcro.

Without rods too, The Vilo creates the same visual effect that The Paqueto does.

Estor Aero

The innovative system of The Aero permit moving the fabric both from the superior and inferior part, increasing the possibilities of the system.

Fabric bends in little zigzag folds, allowing it to collect almost completely