Beniparrell (Valencia)

Our showroom is made out of 3 different areas:

First of all, there is the meeting room, with a central table designed for this purpose, surrounded by an enormous sampler of the fabric that make up the Pepa Pastor collection.

Different fallings and types of confections can be seen in this room, as well as the new additions every season.

The second room mis designed to exemplify different situations and environments.

In addition to the fabrics, types of confections and supports, many technical systems can be seen in this area, achieving the objective of showing the diversity of our brand.

Finally, there is the last part of our showroom. It is a diaphanous room where the focus is on the automation and the other options of motorization that respond to the user and allow him/her to configure them to their liking.

These mechanisms ease the use of the newest products adapting to the future (and present) of smart homes.